Weapons of the War

All of the numbers in-front of the weapon dictate the looting roll needed

Rifles of the war
These trusty rifles were the back bone of every army,
and there was good reason for this. Strong, reliable
and with skill deadly.

Snipers of the war
Only the finest rifles get the name of snipers,
accuracy, speed and power. All can be yours
now have a look at what there is to use!

CQB firearms
Since WW1 the idea of an automatic pistol was
a bright one, only now this is world war 2!
The world has made may improvements,
Come have a gander at these!

Heavy Weapons
Suppressing crowds of enemies, what more
needs to be said? Have a look at the newest
arrivals on the front.

Unique weapons
Need some spice of variety? Well take a
peek at whats behind these curtains!

Sidearms of the war
Both you and I know, you gotta’ run out
at some point so here is a backup for you!

As if shooting things was bad enough, now
you can critical fail in style!

Melee Weapons
Did you run out of ammo in both your rifle
and pistol? Or wait?… Don’t tell me…
You like Sam Fisher don’t you…

Support Weapons
Here i got’s everything from big Dakka’s to
still retentively big dakka’s that shoot faster!
Oh and this mortar thing! Have a peep at these!

A scope here, a bigger mag there. Just have a look at these!

Experimental Weapons
Just rumors right? Papa DM tends to think not!

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Weapons of the War

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