Snipers of the war

Snipers require a 3 or more in perception

Snipers are the only weapon able to be used against
other snipers and long distance targets.

Gewehr 98 (Scoped)(17+ roll)
-7.92mm x 57mm
-20 Damage
-5 Shots/Strip
-12 spare strips

Springfield M1903 (Scoped)(18+ roll)
-.30-06 Browning
-22 Damage
-5 shots/Strip
-10 Spare strips

Lee Enfield MK 2 (Scoped)(16+ roll)
-.308 MK 7 British
-19 Damage
-10 shots/strip
-6 spare strips

Mosin Nagant (Scoped)(16+ roll)
-7.62mm x 54mm
-19 Damage
-5 shots/strip
-12 spare strips

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Snipers of the war

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