Behind Enemy Lines

2nd of November 1944

The year is 1944 and Nazi Germany is at the prime of the war, the allies are at the end of the Nazi Spearhead tactics. You and your group have been sent in behind enemy lines to disrupt their lines and ultimately snap their tactics right at the hilt. But whilst on your way to para-drop you encounter and issue, your pilot has been severely injured and has caused your plane to go beyond the point of breathable air. You and your squad passing out from the thin air have now crash landed far beyond where you were expecting.

Jeremy Adams; the first to wake, tries to wake everyone and tends to their seemingly minor wounds. The pilot and co-pilot are both a mangled mess, he then turns to Krisstoffer and checks his pulse he’s still alive! Krisstoffer wakes and jumps up grabbing his gun and re-holstering his pistol. The other members are all standing slightly shocked, but still ready for anything.

Krisstoffer takes a look outside, he see’s a snow covered field with a forest at the end and a small homestead. He turns and signals the others to move out of the wreak and depart as soon as possible.

Behind Enemy Lines

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