Weapons of the War

Rifles of the war

-This is the list of all 4 General
purpose bolt action rifles

Snipers of the war

-In this tab you will find the general
snipers that can be found.

CQB firearms

-Here is the list of all Smg’s
Everything from the Tommy gun
to the Mp 40

Heavy Weapons

-Here you will find the LMG’s
that are currently obtainable

Unique weapons

-I’m sorry but there is always that
guy that says, a crossbow is more damaging
then a gun… Well Crossbow guy here you are!
Also there are a couple of wild card weapons to!

Sidearms of the war

-Ran out of ammo for your rifle?
Look in your pocket and you’ll find
one of these babies!


-Here is the list of throw-able
explosives and utility’s use with

Melee Weapons

-Ran out of ammo for that nice
little pistol too? Well turns out you
can have a melee weapon to, good luck
running out of ammo for this one!

Support Weapons

-Last but not least the icing of the
cake, Support weapons. Here you
will find MMG’s, HMG’s, mortars
anti-tank guns and even Anti-Air guns
now some are stationary, but others
your support player can cart around
and unleash hell with.

Experimental Weapons
-Experimental weapons,
think of them as enchanted weapons
they will generally have something
good or bad and may have both.

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Weapons of the War

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