Mechanics of the game

Character Classes Guide

- Here you can see all you need to know
about making your character.

Major races of the world (choose-able races)

-Choose your race and get ready for
the benefits to roll in!

Calling for support

-This little info tab will
provide you will everything
you need to rain hell on
enemy fortifications!


-Stuck with an old rifle? Sick of having no
ammo? Look here and find out the proper
way of fighting behind enemy lines!

Weapon types and armor

-Coinciding with the class guides, you can
find the information behind what your guns
can do, and how to use them to benefit your

Weapon Mods and how to find them

-Here you can see all the information
behind the various weapon mods that
have been placed around the battlefield
some you have to look for others you make
find out where to look and what you need
right here!

Weapon Mods
-Here you can see all the different weapon
modification that can be found or made

Ammo types and caliber-rarity sheet

-We all know ammo can be hard to find
especially when the one your looking for
is made on the other side of the continent!
Look here and see how hard it is to find that
special round in your life!

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Mechanics of the game

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