Viktor Kozlov

witty remark about combat style


Race: Russian

S: 3+2
P: 1
E: 4
C: 0
I: 0
A: 4
L: 0

Major Skill:
Heavy Weapons: 4+1
Sidearms: 2

Minor Skills:
Stealth: 2
Speed: 3
Survival: 3
Intimidation: 2


Viktor grew up with a drunken father and an absent mother, even from a young age Viktor had learned how to take a beating thanks to his dad. Growing up he got into a lot of fights which led to an interest in boxing which he ended up making a career out of. Viktor was never “the best” but he made enough to live. When the war started he was conscripted into the military where he learned many skills and found a love for heavy weapons.

Viktor Kozlov

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