Kristoffer Fransen

Quick with a blade, devastating at range.



Major Skills:
Sniper: 3
Melee: 1

Minor Skills:
Stealth: 3
Speed: 2
Driving/Flying: 2
Disguise: 3


Kristoffer has always had an obsession with hunting. When he was 9 he was given his first rifle. It belonged to his father during the Great War, for he had served as a soldier in the trenches. During the Third Battle of Ypres, Kristoffer’s father was injured and removed from the conflict. The Rifle was Kristoffer’s favourite toy, and he soon learned to be quite accurate. When the conflict broke out again at the start of WWII, Kristoffer knew that he had to fight. He wanted to help defend his home, to lay his name down in the history books, but mostly, he wanted to use some big guns.

After weeks of trying out different types of gun, he decided to settle with something closer to his heart, a good old sniper rifle.

Kristoffer Fransen

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