Jeremy Adams

lied about his age to get into the war


Race: Australian
Class: Rifleman
Age: 18

S: 2
P: 3
E: 2
I: 3
A: 2
L: 2

Major Skills:
Grenadier – 2
Melee – 2

Minor Skills:
Medic – 3
Stealth – 2
Knowledge – 2
Survival – 2
Driving/Flying – 1


When Jeremy was 14 years old, his parents were beat to death by two intruders. his mother was raped after death and his dad chopped in pieces. the intruders made Jeremy dig there graves and his own. after doing so, one of the two men pulled a rifle to his head. before he could pull the trigger, a police officer showed up and asked the man to put the gun down or face a life in prison. the man went to put the rifle down but instead pulled the rifle on the policeman and shot. as the cop is falling to the ground, Jeremy got up and tackled the armed man to the ground, the man dropped the gun and Jeremy picked it up. using his training from his father, he used to rifle on the other man and quickly shot him down before beating the other to death with the stock of the gun. after the tragic event, he went and lived with his aunt for a few weeks before deciding to join the army but his aunt refused and told him to stay home. he snuck out that night and signed up, lied about his age and got into the Australian army. he trained for 5 years and World War 2 started.

Jeremy Adams

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