Albert Smith

"What can I help you with?"


Race: British
Class: Support
S: 1 P: 3 E: 1 I: 3 A: 3 L: 1
Sidearms: 2
Support Weapons: 3
Special Weapons: 1
Minor Skills:
Medic: 3
Driving/Flying: 2
Knowledge: 3
Improvisation: 2

With short brown hair and stubble on his chin, Albert always wore his uniform, as is required. He is good-natured and always wants to help. He is a little unsure on what support actually does, but does everything to support his comrades.


He never had anyone in his life. His parents died when he was young and he was sent to the orphanage. He tried being helpful, but everyone didn’t socialize for they were afraid of the governess. After he left the orphanage, he got an ordinary job as a laborer. A few years later, when he was eighteen, the army was looking for new recruits. Albert signed up, believing he was going to help people more then ever. He worked in the army for a few years, becoming a valued support soldier. Then World War Two happened and Albert was thrown into an adventure of a lifetime…

Albert Smith

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